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Service tax at a Glance


"Reverse Charge Provisions : Tax Payable by Service Receiver"


S. No. Description of service provided % liability of Nature of Person
Service Provider Service Receiver Service Provider Service Receiver
1 Services  by an insurance agent 0% 100% Insurance agent Insurer
2 GTA  for transportation by road:
Person Liable to tax:
a) Person in TT making payment or liable to pay freight [himself or through his agent]
b) if not a) the GTA
0% 100% Goods Transport Agency Factory
Society/ Cooperative Society
Registered Excise Dealer
Body Corporate
Partnership Firm/ AOP
3 Sponsorship 0% 100%   Body Corporate/ Partnership firm in TT
4 Arbitral tribunal 0% 100%   Business Entity in TT
5 Advocate(s) - Individual / Firm providing Legal Services 0% 100%   -do-
6 "Support Services" excluding rent provided by government / local authority 0% 100%   -do-
7 Renting/hiring any passenger motor vehicle to any person not in similar business line     Individual/HUF/Partnership/ AOP Corporate business entity in TT
(a) On abated value 0% 100% -do- -do-
(b) Non abated value 50% 50% -do- -do-
8 Supply of manpower or  security services
25%/75% till 31-03-15
0% 100% -do- -do-
9 Service Portion of Works contract 50% 50% -do- -do-
10 Any service [import of service] 0% 100% Located in NT territory Located in Taxable territory
11 Director services to the company [inserted w.e.f. 07-08-12]/ body corporate 0% 100% Director Company/ body corporate
12 Recovery Agent Services 0% 100% Recovery agent Banking/ Financial Institution
13 Mutual Fund agent/ distributor 0% 100% Agent MF/AMC
14 Lottery ticket marketing/selling 0% 100% Agent Lottery distributor/selling agent
15 Aggregator Services 0% 100% Person Aggregator/ person representing aggregator
Applicable Date: 01-07-2012
Related Notification : 30/2012 and 19/2012 read with Sec 68 (2). Service Tax Rule 2
Benefit of Threshold Exemption (10 Lacs) is not available to Service Recipient
Though not mentioned specifically, Individual includes proprietorship and partnership includes LLP
TT means Located in Taxable Territory
In works contract services, service recipient has option of choosing own valuation method , independent of valuation method adopted by service provider
Services by director to a company and security services are added vide notification no. 45/2012-ST dated 07-08-12
"business entity" means any person ordinarily carrying out any activity relating to industry, commerce or any other business.
"Body corporate" includes a company incorporated outside India but does not include -
(a) a corporation sole ;
(b) a registered co-operative society; and
(c) any other body corporate as  notified by CG
"Legal service”  means any service provided in relation to advice, consultancy or assistance in any branch of law, in any manner and includes representational services before any court, tribunal or authority
"Security services" means services relating to the security of any property, whether movable or immovable, or of any person, in any manner and includes the services of investigation, detection or verification, of any fact or activity.
"Supply of manpower” means supply of manpower, temporarily or otherwise, to another person to work under his superintendence or control