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 Download 17-Funeral Service.pdf

 Download 16-Goods transport.pdf

 Download 15-Passenger transport.pdf

 Download 14-Financial sector.pdf

 Download 13-Renting of residential dwelling.pdf

 Download 12-Education Services.pdf

 Download 11-Electricity Transmission or distribution.pdf

 Download 10-Entertainment and amusement.pdf

 Download 9-Betting or gambling.pdf

 Download 8-Toll Charges.pdf

 Download 7-Sale of Space for advertisement.pdf

 Download 6-Manufacture or production.pdf

 Download 5-Trading of goods.pdf

 Download 4-Services related to Agriculture.pdf

 Download 3-Services by Foreign Diplomatic mission.pdf

 Download 2-Services by RBI.pdf

 Download 1-Services by Govt.pdf

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