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Service tax at a Glance


Return Filng Due Date


Financial Year Return Period Due date Remarks
2010-11 Apr-10 to Sep-10 25-Oct-10  
Oct-10 to Mar-11 25-Apr-11  
2011-12 Apr-11 to Sep-11 20-Jan-12 Order 01/2012
Oct-11 to Mar-12 25-Apr-12  
2012-13 Apr-12 to Jun-12 25-Nov-12 Order 03/2012
Jul-12 to Sep-12 30-Apr-13 Notification No. 01/2013 & Order No. 02/2013
Oct-12 to Mar-13 10-Sep-13 Order No. 03/2013 & Order No. 04/2013
2013-14 Apr-13 to Sep-13 25-Oct-13  
Oct-13 to Mar-14 25-Apr-14  
2014-15 Apr-14 to Sep-14 14-Nov-14 Order 02/2014
Oct-14 to Mar-15 25-Apr-15