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Service tax at a Glance


Penalty Provisions- A Tabular Summary-2015

Sec Nature Particulars Amount Remarks
75 Interest Delay in Days 18%/24%/30% Compulsory
70 Late filing fees of Return Delay in Days 0-15 : 500 (+) Compulsory
16-30 : 500 (+)
31-190 : Rs. 100/- day
Maximum 20,000
76 Penalty on  Late Payment of tax  Tax+Int.paid before SCN issued/30 days of SCN No Penalty a) Penalty cannot exceed 10% of tax
b) Sec 76 applicable only where no intent to evade tax
Tax+Int.+Penalty paid within 30 days of recpt of OIO/OIA 25% of penalty
77 Penalty - Miscellaneous Failure to pay tax through Internet Banking (Where Tax paid >10 lacs in a Financial Year/ Previous Year) upto 10,000 Maximum amount specified, can be lower
Contravention of various provisions
78 Penalty for Fraud, Suppression etc. Amt. paid in 30 days of recpt of SCN 15% of tax demand in SCN Amount = Tax+Int.+Reduced Penalty
Amt paid in 30 days of OIO/ OIA 25% of tax in OIO/OIA
Any other case 100% of Tax  
Details in records  50% of Tax Details captured in specified records  for the period 08-Apr-11 to 14-May-2015




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Service tax at a Glance

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